Our season is starting on August 1 2018 until May 1 2019


Weeks Berry Nursery grows high quality blueberry plants for farms, commercial growers and retail nurseries. We take orders online and ship all over the United States. Choose from a wide selection of our Northwest-grown blueberries suitable for commercial growing and resale. Please click on each berry type to learn more about the variety and to order online.

We grow dozens of blueberry varieties including several types of:

  • Northern Highbush Blueberries
  • Southern Highbush Blueberries
  • Halfhigh Bluberries
  • Evergreen Huckleberries

Blueberries are attractive shrubs that provide bountiful fruit and striking fall foliage. They are native to North America, in the Vaccinium genus. They are best planted in acidic, loose soil and full sunshine. Prune them yearly to hold their compact shape in order to retain the maximum amount of fruit.