Our season is starting on August 1 2018 until May 1 2019

Currants and Gooseberries

We grow several delicious berries in the Ribes genus. Currant and Gooseberry shrubs produce edible fruit in a variety of shapes and colors. Both are prized for interesting flavor profiles and vast culinary uses.

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Currants can be grown for their fruit but also make excellent ornamental plants. They are also suitable for those wanting to attract wildlife and cultivate a native habitat for birds. They have tart, complex and delicious flavors. We grow many varieties of currants on our farm, including Black currants, Red currants and White currants.


Gooseberries produce edible fruits that are prized for a variety of culinary uses. Gooseberries are succulent, juicy and delicious. The shrubs make attractive ornamentals and excellent hedge plants.

Both Currants and Gooseberries grow well in the Northwest and all over the west coast. We also have a Jostaberry available, an interesting hybrid of currant and gooseberry. These plants are suitable for commercial use and for resale.

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