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Berried Treasure

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Berried Treasure has extremely glossy, evergreen, slightly serrated leaves that are ornately displayed on lateral-leaning stems. Whitish-pink, urn-shaped flowers appear in the spring, followed by very prominent, dark blue, edible berries. The fall color is a fiery crimson. It’s easy to grow and maintain and will tolerate poor soils. Berried Treasure requires minimal water and fertility requirements. Use as a mass ground cover, border plant or cascading over hardscape features. It prefers full sun to partial shade. Berried Treasures low, spreading, vigorous habit reaches 8–12 inches tall and will grow 6 inches or more per year to reach 8 feet wide. Berried Treasure will colonize over time creating a massive planting.

Planting Instructions:

Huckleberry is an adaptable plant which grows well in full sun to full shade, although the plants prefer some shade. It does equally well in deep shade, but may not flower or fruit. Provide plants with a well-drained or sandy soil. If the drainage is adequate it will tolerate clay. Once established it is drought tolerant, but flowering and fruiting is better with occasional watering during dry weather. Little pruning is needed to maintain a nice looking shrub.

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