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Black Diamond Blackberry

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Black Diamond is a cross between the Kotata Blackberry and a New Zealand Thornless Blackberry, introduced in 2005. It’s harvest season is identical to Marionberry, and it yields a firm, medium to large berry That is dark purple to black in color. The berries tend to be uniform in shape, have small seeds, and a milder flavor than other Northwest varieties. It can be sold fresh during harvest time at local markets. Black Diamond is also available frozen year-round. This variety is often recommended for edible home gardens.

Planting Instructions: One-year-old tip plants, should be planted in March or April. Two-year-old transplants may be planted earlier, one inch deeper than the
plant grew in the nursery. Any white sprouts arising from the crown should be covered with soil to prevent burning by the sun. The older stems or tops on transplants may be cut back several inches. Blackberries should be spaced 4-6 feet in the row and 6-8 feet between rows, depending on equipment.


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