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Pink Lemonade Blueberries

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The pink berries offer something grandly unique in edible fruits. Translucent white berries mature a luscious bright pink and taste wonderfully sweet with a firm, clear texture. Pink Lemonade will produce farther south than many traditional blueberry cultivars. Berry color and flavor will attract both gourmet cooks and those seeking a culinary novelty; however, it is the beauty of the plant, its rosy fruit and vigorous habit that will earn the respect of gardeners everywhere.

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    Craig Connelly

    These are the best tasting Blue(Pink)Berries you can buy. I was told at Albany`s Saturday Market last year(2016) that these berries just came out, I told her they have been around around for about 50 years. But back then there was not much of a market for pink berried blueberries except for the restaurant trade. They taste like blueberries with a touch of strawberries or huckleberries with cherry. Now I want to own a Pink Popcorn Blueberry and Red Huckleberries.
    I would like to start a petition to change the classification to Pinkberries instead of Pink Blueberries, I love them that much.

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