Our season is starting on August 1 2018 until May 1 2019


Our SHIPPING SEASON is NOVEMBER thru MAY 1st. We try to keep a large selection of stock in storage for immediate shipment, weather permitting. Backorders are sometimes unavoidable when orders are placed for a broad selection of stock. Minimum Original order is $100.00. There are no restrictions on reorders in a given season. We always strive to find the most cost effective way to ship.

Our wholesale prices are available to commercial growers and licensed nurseries. A 25% deposit is requested to reserve your order, payable when the order is confirmed. In the event of shortages, orders without a deposit may be canceled or reduced. Customer cancellations made within 3 weeks of ship date or after March 1st may forfeit deposit. Credit may be established by application and review, otherwise payment in advance is required. A 1.5% (18% APR) service charge will be added and collected to any invoice not paid within the payment period.

Please order in standard bundles or multiples thereof. Different cultivars may not be combined for a lower rate except in the case of blueberries. 10 rate = 10-24 plants; 25 rate = 25-99; 100 rate = 100-499; 500 rate = 500-999 1000 rate = 1000-10,000; 10m rate = 10,000 and up.

Additional packing charges are for our cost of shipping materials only. All freight charges are billed to the customer from Keizer, Oregon. Returned checks carry a $30.00 service fee.

Nursery stock shipments from Weeks Berry Nursery are in compliance with the Nursery License Law of the State of Oregon. If, for some special circumstance, a Phytosanitary Certificate is requested by the customer, we must have notice well in advance of shipment to insure inspection time. A 30 day notice, prior to shipment, is minimal. There is a $25.00 fee for each certificate issued by the ODA. This charge will be included in the customer’s invoice. In order to be valid, the Phytosanitary Certificate must accompany the shipment. Canadian accounts need a Vaccinium Import Permit. Phytosanitary Charge subject to change.

All orders are booked subject to availability of stock with due regard to flood, freeze, fire, and other causes beyond our control. It is mutually understood that our liability for legitimate complaints shall never exceed cost of replacement and we give no warranty expressed or implied. All prices FOB Keizer, Oregon. Shipping claims will receive consideration only if made within 10 days of delivery. Claims for stock that fail to break dormancy must be filed by August 30th of that shipping season in writing to be eligible for refund. Phone claims must be followed by a claim in writing. We are not responsible for cultural problems incurred by the customer.

Patented plants may not be propagated without a license from the patent owner. In general, use for fruit production is allowed in the United States and Canada; export to other foreign countries is restricted. Royalty fees for the plant material in this catalog are added into the cost of the plants.